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G. Grossmann Center of Biology and Human Ecology.

You will lose 8-15 kg of excess weight per month without starving

Diet of Galina Grossmann — is an effective method for normalization of weight, rejuvenation and cleansing the body. Slimming carried out due to the timely adoption of a balanced food and fat burning. In addition to the direct effect of diet can also get rid of the painful heartburn, to normalize blood pressure, get them the body of salt and toxins, and improve the condition of the knee and spine.

Video slimming course contains videos:

1 lesson. Daily routine, food, water day, programming on weight loss.
2 lesson. The dynamics of weight loss, the energy session is to sustain the weight loss.
3 lesson. Finality of weight loss, how to keep the weight.


1. Weight loss program.
2. List of products in the diet for losing weight.
3. Nutrition Program for Women.
4. Nutrition Program for men.
5. The Water Day.

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